Special glass bulbs

TELUX roduces highly softening borosilicate glass for the light industry as well as for other users. This glass is applicable for direct glass-to-metal sealing with tungsten.

It is highly stressable both electrically and thermally, has a very good resistance to thermal shocks and is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor application.

It is used for road lighting as well as for stadiums, aerodromes and as object lighting.

TELUX develops and produces glass bulbs with different designs and diameters from 30 to 180 mm.

They are used most of all as protector bulbs for the production of high-pressure discharge lamps with charges up to 2000 watt.

Fields of application

  • mercury discharge lamps
  • sodium discharge lamps
  • metal halide discharge lamps
Spezialglaskolben, Glaskolben, Lichtindustrie, Telux Spezialglas
Spezialglaskolben, Glaskolben, Glas, Telux Spezialglas